Vancouver’s food scene offers a little something for everyone and vegetarians and vegans are no exception. With a number of options across the city, vegetarians and vegans can even find a few specials on some tasty treats. Here are five of our favourites:

  • 1.

    Vegan Pizza House 2119 Kingsway

    Vegan Pizza House

    Named one of Vancouver’s best vegan pizzerias, Vegan Pizza House has been serving delicious pizzas since 2011. Offering a large selection of faux meats, veggies, and dairy free cheese, this pizza house prepares all sauces and dressings in-house ensuring that everything is free of animal products and by-products. Different vegan and vegetarian pizza & pizza slice specials are offered each day. Enjoy the Spicy Vegan on Wednesdays and the Vegan Seafood on Saturdays, as well as the Greek Special on Tuesdays. Check out their website for more information on daily specials.

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    The NAAM Café2724 West 4th Avenue

    The NAAM Cafe

    The NAAM Café is the city’s oldest natural food restaurant serving vegetarian and vegan dishes for almost 50 years. The NAAM’s menu features a wide range of vegetarian and vegan dishes from healthy options to comfort food. This Kitsilano staple also has a Happy Hour, which runs 3-6pm Monday through Friday and features $3 glasses of Draft Beer and $5 glasses of House Wine. Food specials include $3 tacos, Homous-Stuffed Pita for $6, and a $10.50 Burger & Beer special. Finish your Happy Hour with a $6 Cookie Ice Cream NAAMwich made with Mario’s ice cream and two warmed cookies!

  • 3.

    MeeT on Main | MeeT in Gastown4288 Main Street | 12 Water Street

    MeeT on Main

    MeeT on Main and MeeT in Gastown offer casual comfort and innovative vegan and gluten free dishes. The menu features a range of vegan and gluten free comfort food that you won’t want to miss, including seven types of fries. Best of all, the dishes are sharable and the craft cocktails feature house-made syrups and infusions, making this the perfect location for an after-work drink and snack. Happy hour at both locations runs from 3pm to 5pm and again from 10pm to close and features $4 sleeves of Phillips Lager and $5 Groovy Gravy Fries or Corn Fritters.

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    Sun Bo Kong Vegetarian Restaurant1363 Kingsway

    Sun Bo Kong

    Owner/Operator Ken Chau’s mission is to promote a ‘healthy and responsible diet, and most of all, a diet that causes no harm and pain to any living beings that have the capacity for suffering, enjoyment, and happiness as much as we do.’ Open 7 days a week from 11am-9pm, Sun Bo Kong offers tasty lunch specials. Savour the Steamed Eggplant at $6.99, or the Bean Curd Rolls, Mushroom/Vegi Balls and the Baby Green & Bean Curd Sheet in Consommé all at $7.50 each. If you’re feeling adventurous, try the Goji & Pea Tip in Consommé for $8.99.

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    Lupii Community Café7743 Champlain Crescent

    Lupii Cafe

    Lupii is a community focused, zero-waste café dedicated to providing delicious food and beverages. This funky café features a daily $5 buffet of delicious and healthy vegan food and drinks. The buffet typically includes vegetable soups, chillis, curries, vegan breads, chia seed desserts, fresh fruit, freshly baked oat and chocolate bars and organic teas. After 5pm, the day’s specials are offered free of charge in order to keep them from the landfill. In the spirit of zero waste, Lupii patrons are encouraged not to take their meals to go but reusable containers are available for a deposit.

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