brewhound Staff Happy Hour Picks

Brewhound Staff Picks: our happy hour favourites around Vancouver

Here at brewhound, we're obviously a bit too obsessed with happy hour. So, we've decided to share our favourite happy hour hangs, so you can indulge in some of the best drinks and dishes that Vancouver has to offer. From all of us at brewhound with ♥! The Flying Beaver [embed][/embed]…

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A healthy spread (Brooke Lark/Unsplash)

12 healthier happy hours to jumpstart your New Year’s resolutions

After all of the holiday dinners you’ve had over the past month, you’re going to want to try something a little healthier—so here are a few healthier options to jumpstart January. Whether you're into New Year's resolutions or not, take a step in the right direction and try one of…

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Feature Image: Turkey Dinner Table

The Best Christmas Turkey To-Go Menus for a hassle-free holiday dinner

The holidays are nearly here and it's time to start prepping for the big Christmas dinner! For many of us, it's a must-have holiday highlight. But for the busy or uninitiated, getting that perfect bird to come out of the oven can be a daunting process. Give yourself a break…

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Burgoo Bistro Blueberry Tea Hot Toddy (Emily Kampman/brewhound)

The 9 best warm boozy drinks in Vancouver

Baby, it's cold outside. There's a reason why Irish Coffees are so popular at this time of year. Drop a little something into your favourite hot drink, and instantly the world gets a little brighter. If you're looking for warm boozy drinks to try this winter, here are the Vancouver…

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Feature Image: Fireplace

10 coziest Vancouver restaurants for that perfect holiday splurge

The holidays are the perfect time to cozy up with loved ones. What better way to indulge than at these decadent bars and restaurants in town? Here's our list of the ten coziest local bars and restaurants in Vancouver, to celebrate the holidays in style. Read Also: The Best Holiday…

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gift card with heart shaped ribbon over wooden table background

The Best Holiday Gift Card Offers in Vancouver

A gift card for you, a bonus for me. Get smart with your holiday shopping this year, with some sweet gift card bonuses from your favourite restaurants and bars (and more). After all, the holidays are the perfect time for getting together with the people you love. And what better way…

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