Sometimes a single entree simply isn’t enough to fill you up when you go out to eat. Other times, you just want to see how much delicious food you can fill your belly with.

We can completely relate and we’re here to make your life easier. Stuff your face at some of these Vancouver AYCE restaurants without breaking the bank.

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Here are 11 restaurants with AYCE menus you’ll be dreaming about for days.

  • Tomokazu Japanese Restaurant

    Sushi Platter (

    • The Food: AYCE Sushi
    • The Damage: $13 (lunch) / $22-$29 (dinner) / $16-$18 (late night)
    • The Details: This AYCE favourite is well-known for its late night menus, but also has extensive lunch and dinner menus. Tomokazu features everything you could be craving, including a mean miso soup, a variety of sashimi and nigiri, rolls and tempura, udon, and even dessert options. You could have a five-course meal for $20 and change.

    Damso Modern

    Fried chicken (Brian Chan/Unsplash)

    • The Food: AYCE Korean BBQ
    • The Damage: $17.99 (afternoon pork belly) / $12.99 (late night wings)
    • The Details: Satisfy your intense meat cravings with AYCE Pork Belly, accompanied by a hearty side of rice, soup and vegetables. Then come back for more with late night AYCE Korean Fried Chicken Wings that come in two different flavours, when you buy a drink. Our drink of choice is the fruit-infused soju!


    Fish & Chips (Andreas Raun Ameberg/Unsplash)

    • The Food: AYCE Fish & Chips
    • The Damage: $14.99, add a beer for $3 more
    • The Details: Binge on AYCE cod and chips for an easy $14.99. Better yet, fork over an extra $3 to add a pint of Okanagan Springs onto your order! This deep fried goodness is available everyday, all the time, in multiple locations outside the city. For a fish & chips adventure that’s still relatively close to Vancouver, head to the Coquitlam location, accessible by skytrain, or the South Surrey location. (We’re still salty that the West End location closed…)

    Montana’s BBQ & Bar

    Ribs (Montana's/Facebook)

    • The Food: AYCE Ribs
    • The Damage: $29.99 (for a limited time)
    • The Details: Fill your belly with AYCE ribs all day, everyday. While this special is a little on the pricey side, you’re guaranteed to feel stuffed and satisfied afterwards. Because come on, endless ribs! You get choice of sides, which include baked beans or coleslaw, as well as a choice between fries, baked potato or garlic mashed potatoes.

    Cockney Kings

    Fish & Chips (Cockney Kings/Facebook)

    • The Food: AYCE Fish & Chips
    • The Damage: $10.95
    • The Details: Stop by Cockney Kings for tasty AYCE pollock fish & chips with a fountain pop. Because who doesn’t love a day of binging on fried food and carbonated drinks? What’s even better, children under 12 eat for $4.95, an absolute bargain!


    Sushi (Bady QB/Unsplash)

    • The Food: AYCE Sushi & Korean BBQ
    • The Damage: $17.50-$19.95 (lunch) / $29.95 (dinner)
    • The Details: AYCE Sushi & Korean BBQ is a perfect, yet dangerous combination because it’s so delicious! If you’re a sashimi fan, we recommend going for dinner to avoid the 8 piece limit on the lunch menu. The AYCE Korean BBQ is super fun to share with friends because you get to cook it at your own table and there nearly every kind of meat base to choose from! Our picks: BBQ Mussel & Prawns.

    Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot

    Hot Pot (Little Sheep/Facebook)

    • The Food: AYCE Mongolian Hot Pot
    • The Damage: $24 (note: price doesn’t include soup base)
    • The Details: Little Sheep has virtually endless ingredient options for you to combine and customize your meal to exactly what you’re craving. With everything from different types of tofu to varying cuts of meat to exotic mushrooms, this is perfect for those rainy Vancouver days when you need a warm pick-me-up. As a bonus, it’s not too harsh on the wallet. Our pick: choose the half and half pot to add a little spice to your veggies!

    La Belle Patate

    Poutine (La Belle Patate/Instagram)

    • The Food: AYCE Poutine
    • The Damage: $19.50 (regular) / $24.50 (deluxe)
    • The Details: In search of some authentic Québécois cuisine? Look no further than La Belle Patate on Davie! Boy do they know how to make a mean poutine. Their AYCE poutine features hand-cut, double-cooked fries soaked with gravy and covered in cheese curds. For the ‘regular’ version, you’re mixing and matching from a selection of the menu, while the deluxe version will get you the ultimate AYCE poutine creation with La Belle Patate’s entire menu on offer.

    Gillnetter Pub

    Breakfast (Carissa Gan/Unsplash)

    • The Food: AYCE Breakfast
    • The Damage: $15.95
    • The Details: Gillnetter Pub literally has enough breakfast to last you for the year and we’re so into it. Take your pick of omelettes, ham, fresh fruit, bacon, sausage, eggs benny, waffles, pancakes, French toast, hash browns, or even perogies. Stop by this PoCo favourite to literally stuff your face with brunch.

    The Fish Shack

    Fish & Chips (Fish Shack/Facebook)

    • The Food: AYCE Steamers
    • The Damage: $29.95
    • The Details: AYCE clams or mussels? Count us in! We always love a good deal at one of Glowbal’s restaurants but this takes it to a new level. $29.95 is such a bargain for something that’s always delicious and usually so expensive! Eat your heart out, we won’t judge.

    The Park at English Bay

    Meat Platter (Park at English Bay/Facebook)

    • The Food: AYCE Ribs
    • The Damage: $15.95
    • The Details: Gorge yourself with AYCE ribs at The Park at English Bay. Don’t come dressed in your Sunday best, because it’s bound to get finger-licking messy. Although they certainly aren’t the most glamorous food, we don’t care because we could eat ribs for days.

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