Joining is completely free! We do encourage and appreciate you co-promoting brewhound to your customers. This can be done by using free coasters from us, stickers at your venue, putting a link on your website to your unique brewhound page or telling your staff about brewhound.

You simply go to your unique website on find.brewhound.ca and click ‘Update Happy Hour Deals’. Fill in the simple update form and you are done. To make it even easiers, we will be sending you an email reminder with a link to this every 4 weeks. Alternatively, you can always email us at [email protected] with any changes. 

Our goal is to always provide up to date happy hour information to our users. If you are not able to keep your deals updated, we will unfortunately have to take you off the platform.

We are always looking to work with partners for unique marketing opportunities. This could be paid or non paid marketing through co-promotion. If you are interested in any unique marketing services, shoot us a line at [email protected] and we will connect with you.

We source the photos from your venue’s ‘google my business page’. We will be allowing bars to send us their own unique photos very soon. We will contact you about this once it is established. 

We are rapidly growing throughout Metro-Vancouver where we have thousands of users. More importantly, our user base is growing rapidly every month. There is no reason not to promote your happy hour to the thousands of users on our app and website.

Absolutely! Through our app analytics, we know that thousands of users are using our app and web platform every month to find happy hour deals. With our user base growing rapidly every month, your venue definitely needs to market your happy hour deals to new customers on the brewhound platform.


Our goal is always provide the most up to date deal information as possible. We expect each venue to let us know of changes in advance and we also reach out to each venue every 2 weeks. We also allow users to let us know of any deal changes through our web platform through a ‘update happy hour’ link with each venue page or on our mobile app through a ‘Let us know’ link on each venue page.

First, we are very sorry the deal is incorrect! We do our very best to keep it up to date. If this happens to you, we ask that you let us know the deal is wrong ([email protected]) and also let the server know the deal is wrong so they can let their manager know. If a certain venue fails to keep their deals up to date, we remove them from our platform.

We love great recommendations! The best way to get a venue on the app is to tell the manager about brewhound and ask them to visit our website brewhound.ca to get listed.

It is absolutely free to be on the brewhound platform! Tell your favorite bar or restaurant to get on the app!

Unfortunately, some locations are not able to keep their happy hours updated and we are forced to remove the from the app. We encourage you to remind your favorite restaurant that it is important to be on the brewhound app!

The best way to help is grow is tell your friends about brewhound and leave us an app review!

We plan on adding lots of more features to the app and website! This includes making the app and website faster, adding in better search so you can find exactly what you want, and providing unique deals to brewhound users. We are so excited to start our expansion by adding more locations across Metro-Vancouver, the Fraser Valley, and then to different cities across Canada.