Here it is, our monthly roundup of Happy Hour Quick Bites.Read on about Vancouver’s happy hour updates for April. Plus don’t forget to grab our free happy hour app on iTunes or Google Play, to see these deals and so much more.

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    First Tide Pods

    The kids are doing shots of pickle juice! I thought I’d never see the day. A shot of whiskey, chased with a shot of pickle juice is the classic way to imbibe and we’ve found a few places for you to enjoy this great, weird delicacy.

    Go mingle with the hipsters at Uncle Abe’s in Mount Pleasant where a classic pickleback is $4 during their happy hour (5pm-7pm and 11pm-1am every night).

    If you’re downtown, hit up Shark Club where you can get this tasty delicacy for $4 on Saturdays and Sundays (be warned there are no real sharks there, I checked.)

    Shebeen Irish Whiskey House gives you a shot of Ol’ Grandaddy bourbon with a pickle juice chaser for $5 daily between 3pm-6pm. Pickles are basically vegetables so count this as one of your daily servings, brewhound approved!

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      Teppan Gyoza & Beer

      I was just at Gyoza Bar downtown with a crisp twenty in my pocket, which is my happy hour budget these days.

      Their best special is $10 for a 5 piece gyoza and a sleeve of beer. I opted for their pork teppan gyoza, a crispy-cold Asahi and when I was still hungry, ordered a round of their chicken taco gyoza ($6), served deep fried and tasting, well, exactly like a chicken taco. With tax and tip, the bill came to $19 and change.

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        Mama Mia!

        If carbo-loading is a power move, call me Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. On Mondays, Kitsilano favourite, The Regal Beagle has a two for one pasta deal for $16.

        If you haven’t had enough, Trattoria’s three locations have a Tuesday deal wherein all pastas are $13!

        Still not enough? Merchants Workshop on The Drive can satisfy your Wednesday pasta cravings with their pasta and a drink deal for $22.

        More? That’s all I got! Share your favourite pasta deals in the comments, I need a pasta of the week calendar, stat.

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          Perfect Sunday Funday?

          Caffe Brixton in Chinatown has overhauled their entire menu and is offering everything for $5.95. I swung by for brunch just the other day and was very impressed with how high-piled my plate was.

          The brunch menu covers all the classics (eggs benny, french toast, omelettes, and a basic 2 egg breakfast). Brunch cocktails are also $5.95 and I opted for the Bailey’s Latte which was very tasty.

          Their location sits snugly in Strathcona and if you drink every time you see a hipster wearing overalls, I promise you’ll be in for a tipsy afternoon.

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            Mimosas Totally Count!

            With patio season just around the corner and hoards of tourists waiting to get their pizza stolen by a seagull outside the public market, two Granville Island favourites have launched new happy hour menus.

            Cool off under the bridge on weekdays at The Sandbar where the beer, highballs, and house wine are all $5. Their newly launched snack menu includes lobster sliders for $10 and avocado chips for $7. You can’t afford a house anyway, so why not just eat your feelings instead?

            Across the way, Edible Canada’s menu boasts $5 draft beer and Moscow Mules along with $7 Mimosas and no food, which is good for when you’re doing that juice cleanse. Mimosas count, right? You can hit them up any day of the week from 3pm-6pm.

            These were the best deals I could find for April. Patio season is right around the corner which hopefully means sunshine and patio drinking at the Local in Kits while your one friend does the marathon. See you in May!

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