Here at brewhound we spend hours and hours scouring the web (and calling bars on the telephone – so vintage)! We painstakingly validate each and every deal to make sure we’re finding the best happy hour deals, for you to hit up with friends, coworkers, dates, and maybe even your mom.

Today, we’re presenting a new blog feature called Happy Hour Quick Bites. It’s where our resident deal enthusiast, Meredith, highlights the best and most interesting deals she’s spotted this month.

And she’s hilarious! Read on about Vancouver’s happy hour updates for March. Plus don’t forget to grab our free happy hour app on iTunes or Google Play, to see these deals and so much more.

  • 1.

    $32 Platter & Pitcher Combo

    In my eyes, appetizers are like children – I love them all equally. Get over any indecision at happy hour with an entire PLATTER of them (ribs, not children).

    Check out the Mahoney Platter at Mahoney & Sons – UBC on Tuesdays. It’s $32 for the platter AND a pitcher of house beer. It’s got wings, calamari, pork belly, garlic filone, wedges AND chips.

    In related news, Earl’s has a $18.50 wing platter, where you can mix & match flavours – for when your pals can’t agree on what spicy means. Korean, hot, or jerk are on the menu.

    • 2.

      Swipe That Compass Card

      Now you have a good excuse to visit that one friend who lives in the suburbs – Montana’s BBQ & Bar is doing AYCE Ribs ($29.99) all day, every day until March 12th.

      Sure, your friend might own a house. And have children who will take care of him when he’s old. And Montana’s AYCE ribs, but at least you have your tiny ass apartment. Wait, are we all moving to Coquitlam? LOL.

      Related – check out our blog post for the best AYCE options both in and out of the city limits (like AYCE Poutine? If it doesn’t kill you it’ll make you stronger. Or fatter… #WorthIt)

      • 3.

        #NewBar Alert!

        Just checked out the new WildTale Coastal Grill in Olympic Village. The interior is beautiful – it’s like you’re inside of a ship, minus the motion of the ocean.

        Totally worth sitting down with their giant happy hour menu and checking out the bathroom, which is nicer (and cleaner?!) than my tiny ass apartment.

        WildTale – Olympic Village’s current happy hour options: $5 beers, $6.25 shortrib sliders, $6.25 parmesan fries, $9.50 clams, plus lots of other options from $2.75-$10.50.

        (Check out the app in the sidebar for full details.)

        • 4.

          Talk About a Cheap Date

          If you’re looking for ultimate value, X-Site Grill and Bistro over in Hastings-Sunrise (or “The East Village”, if you must) has some of the cheapest food and drink specials in town. On Mondays, their 20oz pints are $3.75! Thursdays, it’s $3 highballs. You get the picture…

          Plus, they have a different dinner entree on special every night for $6.95 (or go for the $9.95 Chef’s Creation Latin Dinner over the weekend, you big spender you).

          Great place to take a Tinder date. And another Tinder date. And another Tinder date. And another Tinder date…

          • 5.

            2-for-1 Nasi Goreng!

            And after you’ve dated everyone in this dumb city, and you’d rather eat at home with no pants on watching the Queer Eye reboot on Netflix (I feel you)…

            Hit up Banana Leaf with your work husband for Buy One, Bring One Home Free entrees ($15-$17) between Sunday-Thurday.

            Feast on leftover nasi goreng* or mee goreng* in the supreme comfort of PJs and your cats. (*nasi = fried rice, mee = fried noodles)

            Then, don’t call it a night and return for the first of many $3 mango slushes. And to flirt with that cute bartender.

                • 6.

                  Never Sleep Again

                  Am I the only person who hasn’t heard of cold brew cocktails? If you’re clueless like me, here’s what’s up:

                  Earl’s on weekends: Cold Brew and Bailey’s for $5 at brunch (til 2pm)
                  Tap and Barrel on Fridays: “Pick Me Up” cocktails (2oz) on special for $7, combining cold brew, Espresso Vodka, Bailey’s, Kahlua and Frangelico

                  Sounds tasty, but just make sure you don’t need to sleep for the next oh… 5-8 years.

                  And if you’re not feeling the cold brew thing with snow in February (haha what), Banana Leaf on Broadway has started offering 99c coffees over lunch. Game changing, especially when you’re trying to get over oh-so-delicious laksa food coma.

                      • 7.

                        Feeling Hotel-Bar Classy?

                        If you’re like me and your two favourite words are fried + cheese, check out H2 Rotisserie & Grill inside the Westin Bayshore for a happy hour menu that includes fried cheese curds ($5)!

                        Pair it with one of their Boilermaker cocktails (beer with a drop shot), then go walk it off like it was nothing in Stanley Park. Or just stay for a second round.

                        That’s it for this month – stay dry and eat ribs! Sunshine is hopefully just around the corner. And if not, there’s always more ribs.

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