The sunglasses are out! The shorts are on! You’ve just realized your friend Steve has a thigh tattoo and you looked at it and thought “huh. Never would’ve guessed it. Steve.”

And if you’re looking for somewhere to chill out after that nine hour bike ride, or time spent frolicking in Stanley Park, read on, because we’ve got Buck-A-Shuck Oysters, we’ve got Melted Cheese, and we’ve got some cool spots in East Van that are wallet-friendly and just like Steve’s thigh tattoo, will make your friends say “huh. Wow. Meredith is way cooler than I thought she was.”


1.  There is a God!

We need to talk about cheese. Specifically melted. A bubbling cauldron of deliciousness, oozing inside of a volcanic rock and served just for you, alone. I know. What? Get off the toilet where you’re surely reading this and quit your job (or just play hooky) and get to Mezcaleria so you can experience this delicacy while you live and breathe and walk this earth. Happy Hour at their Gastown location is Wednesday-Sunday for three blessed hours (2pm-5pm) and late night on Tuesdays (9pm-11pm). Tell them Meredith sent you, and they’ll say who is that? And you’ll say, exactly. Pair it with their Palomita cocktail (1.5oz) for $7.50 or a Sleeve of Happy Hour draft for $5. Welcome to the next day of the rest of your life.

2. Shuck it Right!

Oysters! The veal of the sea! Buck-a-shuck is the going rate for a good Happy Hour deal and we’re here to HOOK you UP


o     2:30pm-6:30pm every single day!


o      Every day from 3pm-6pm AND 10pm-Midnight.

The Roof

o       2:30pm-6:30pm every single day!

Simply Delicious

o       Every day from 4pm-6pm (minimum order of 6)


o        Every day from 3pm-6pm

3. Win as a Team, Drink as a Team

The sun is OUT and that means a lot of us have crawled out of our moldy hidey holes to remind ourselves that we have  bodies with muscles and maybe were once coordinated? I’m not convinced. Whether it’s beach volleyball, softball, cricket, tennis or golf, I’m sure you’ll be looking for a place to sit down with 4-18 of your sweatiest friends for a well deserved beer or eight. But sometimes it can be tricky to find the right spot to imbibe when your gang is large and probably muddy. Here are my suggestions:

West Side

Yaggers Kitsilano – Yagger’s is the perfect laid back sports bar in Kitsilano which usually has room for at least half of a softball team. Any day of the week, you can get a sleeve of beer for $4.35 or a pitcher of house beer for $14.99. Highly recommend adding a frozen slush topping to it for $1.99, just to keep things exciting.
Coppertank – Coppertank is a spacious west-side hang out, famous for their daily 24oz tanks of beer usually on special for between $7-$9. If you’re on an Urban Rec team, bring in your key tag for 20% off food.
The Blenheim – Pregame or Post Game at The Blenheim located at West 4th and you guessed it, Blenheim in Kits. Happy hour runs every single day from 3pm – 5pm, so it’s a great place to grab a late afternoon snack on Saturdays after you sweat it up on the Volleyball courts. Happy Hour beer and wine are $5 and they’ve got a $10 Margherita Pizza or a $10 Schnitzel Sandwich for anyone who wants to grab a quick bite on the way to the game.

East Side

East Side Craft House – $4 Tacos on Tuesday, 50% off Wings on Wednesday and a curated beer list make this the perfect spot to visit when you’re slugging it out in East Vancouver.
The Main – The Main can be a reliable weeknight hang spot, with a lot of tablespace (including a large back room) and a cute curbside patio for when your group isn’t huge. On Monday nights all of their large pizzas are $13 and on Wednesday, carbo load with pastas for $13.
Simply Delicious – Is it a bar? A sushi restaurant? A karaoke lounge? All of the above? With tons of long space and some great deals on drinks, Simply Delicious is the perfect spot to show up with a big group and eat some Jappa Fries.

4. East Van Cool

I know what you’re craving. It’s a shot of whiskey chased with a shot of beef au jus. Nailed it. Satisfy this perfectly reasonable yearning at Jackalopes Neighbourhood Dive every night during their late night happy hour for the low, low price of only $3. If the beef shots don’t draw you in, maybe their Satanic Sundays Hellishly Hot Chicken deal will. Head over on Sundays after 6pm and for $10 you’ll get an order of the spiciest chicken this side of Satan and a pint of lager from Central City brewing.

That’s it for this month! Live large, wear sunscreen, and get outside – June-uary is right around the corner!

Plus don’t forget to grab our free happy hour app on iTunes or Google Play, to see these deals and so much more.