As you can imagine, brewhound – The Happy Hour App was dreamed up over happy hour drinks! The year was 2016 and a group of friends had just enjoyed a great happy hour. After it had ended, they were on a happy hour high and wanted to find another place to go to where they could get a good deal. After a lot of searching on numerous different platforms like Google Maps and Yelp!, they realized that information on Vancouver’s happy hours and daily specials wasn’t easily accessible to the public or it was so out of date that it couldn’t be trusted.

After months of hard work, brewhound – The Happy Hour App was born.

It’s safe to say we love finding happy hour at brewhound. There are thousands of happy hours to discover in Metro Vancouver. Let us find one for you.

[broo – hound]
noun; informal

  1. A person who enjoys eating and drinking, especially with friends.
  2. A person who loves finding great deals on food and drinks.
  3. Your furry companion who has a nose for sniffing out great happy hours.

Meet the Team

CEO and Founder / Proud Hound Owner
I love to travel (42 countries and counting) and experience different cultures, and most importantly to enjoy sampling the local food and drink!

Favourite happy hour: UVA Wine & Cocktail Bar. Italian antipasti with creative and unique cocktails to pair with.
COO (Chief Operations Officer) / Lifelong learner
I’m always down for a game of beach volleyball!

Favourite happy hour: Nicli Antica Pizzeria. I’m a sucker for a classic Margherita pizza and this place is Neapolitan Certified!
Social Media Coordinator / Infatuated Foodie
I love to cook, but more importantly eat! I’m always on the quest for something delicious.

Favourite happy hour: Brunch happy hour at Earls! I love a good brunch, especially when mains are only $9!
Loveable rescue / Full time brew-hound
Nap, chase squirrels, flirt for treats, repeat ;).

Favourite happy hour: Colony bar on Main Street. Sweet lounge spots near the patio, great tasting water and lots of pets.

Want to join the brewhound team? You can check out our current openings here.