When it comes to All You Can Eat, there’s one thing that we constantly dream about, and that’s sushi! Thankfully, sushi restaurants are like Starbucks here in Vancouver – it’s hard to go a block without spotting one. You will definitely find some amazing sushi at great value here in the city, however, there are only a few spots in town that offer AYCE for those days when you REALLY want to go for it.

We totally get it, which is why we’ve scouted out five AYCE Sushi and Korean BBQ spots around Metro Vancouver where you can indulge without spending a fortune.

Kyo Korean BBQ and Sushi House
2993 Granville Street, Vancouver

Sashimi (Unsplash)

  • Cost: $15.95 – $20.95 (Lunch)/$33.95 (Dinner)
  • Details: At Kyo, not only will you impress your friends with how much sushi you can put down, you’ll get to show off your equally impressive grilling capabilities with their Korean BBQ offerings. Enjoy a great selection of sushi and grill your meat to perfection. We recommend making a reservation on the weekends to prevent getting hangry while you wait.

Shabusen Yakiniku House
202 – 755 Burrard St, Vancouver

  • Cost: $18.50 – $20.95 (lunch) / $31.95 (dinner)
  • Details: If you can only handle so much rice and fish, then Shabusen is for you! Combining Sushi and Korean BBQ (a dangerous and delicious combination) you’ll find a variety of different AYCE options, plus you can practice your chef skills and grill your own meat right at the table. Reservations are recommended as this place fills up quick!

Tomokazu Sushi
#201 – 1128 W Broadway, Vancouver

  • Cost: $13 (lunch) / $22-$29 (dinner)/ $16 – $18 (late night)
  • Details: If you plan to test out your sushi eating capabilities with a few friends, Tomakazu is great for larger groups. Well known for their late-night menu, we think their lunch AYCE, however, is a great bargain. Tomokazu features everything you could be craving, a variety of sashimi and nigiri, rolls and tempura, udon and even dessert.

Kingsway Sushi
3665 Kingsway, Burnaby

Tempura Tofu (Kingsway Sushi - Website)

  • Cost: $13 & $16 (lunch) / $22, $29, & $41 (dinner) / $15 & $19 (late night)
  • Details: Whether you live in Burnaby, or shopping at Metrotown, when those sushi cravings start calling, head over to Kingsway Sushi. Make it a Facebook event and invite up to 24 friends to join you in their party room. And if no one shows up… well more sushi for you! The Mango Pudding is a must try.


Kisha Poppo
#1060 – 11660 Steveston Hwy, Richmond

Salmon Avocado Rolls (Kisha Poppo - website)

  • Cost: $16.75 (lunch) / $31.45 (Dinner) / $18.85 (late night)
  • Details: Located in a strip mall off Steveston Highway, Kisha Poppo has a large selection of sushi, and Japanese appetizers and entrees that will be sure to fill you up! Looking for something a little lighter? Try their happy hour menu from 3 – 5.

Honourable Mentions:

Gyu Kaku Japanese BBQ
880 Nelson St, & #201 950 W Broadway, Vancouver

Korean BBQ Bowl (Kyu Gaku - Instagram)

  • Cost: For lunch, $9.95 Rice or Noodle Bowls & $12.95 Korean BBQ Combos
  • Details: While it’s not AYCE, at Gyu- Kaku you can try one of their lunch bowls for a really great value. Rice or noodle bowls come with miso soup and a salad and the Korean BBQ combo is served with miso soup and rice.

Damso Modern
770 Bute St, Vancouver

Pork Belly (Damso Modern/ Instagram)

  • Cost: $18 Pork Belly / $18 Korean Fried Chicken Wings
  • Details: Satisfy your intense meat cravings with AYCE Pork Belly, accompanied by a hearty side of rice, soup and vegetables. Then come back for more with late night AYCE Korean Fried Chicken Wings that come in two different flavours, when you buy a drink.

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